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The Professional HVAC Contractor for Your Cooling Repair Needs


An HVAC unit is built to last up to decade. But just like anything that is used constantly, it will suffer damages. The longer you are using the HVAC unit, the more it would be prone to damages. When it comes to a cooling repair service, C & H Heating & Air Conditioning Service is the professional HVAC contractor you can rely on. We have been providing a cooling repair service in Montgomery, AL for years now. Through the years, we have kept our clients impressed.


There are several parts of the AC unit that usually gets damaged. The following are common cooling problems.


Refrigerant Leaks

Once the refrigerant starts to leak, it would cause the temperature to fluctuate. This will give you a different temperature every now and then. Tendency is you would end up changing the temperature often. The moment you notice the fluctuation of temperature, call us immediately. The fluctuating temperature would lead to high energy bill. And the leak could be dangerous to your health.


Sensor Problems

Make sure the AC unit’s sensor is not placed near an object that emits heat. The AC unit will give out more cool air than needed because of this. It would tend to overwork the unit if this happens for a long time. Never let inexperienced hands give you an AC repair. As your professional HVAC contractor, we will send you a technician who is trained and experienced. He will be able to find the source of the sensor problem immediately.


Frozen Coil

A frozen coil is usually caused by a dirty air filter. Because the air is not able to go out of the AC unit, the coil will get frozen. This would stop the production of cool air. Your AC unit is still running but it might not be doing its job anymore. Some people who are not familiar with this would try to change the temperature of the AC unit. This would cause the unit to get overworked. But by hiring us for an air conditioning service, we can clean your AC unit to make sure nothing is obstructing the airflow from the AC unit.


Entrust your AC unit to C & H Heating & Air Conditioning Service. Our clients in Montgomery, AL has hired us as their professional HVAC contractor because we have maintained a solid reputation through the years. Call us at (334) 264-6535 right away for any HVAC concerns.


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