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Often Overlooked Signs You Need HVAC Repairs

Useful Information Provided By A Professional HVAC Contractor

Heating and cooling units are a great way to maintain the ideal temperature on your property throughout the year. They can provide you with both hot and cold air depending on the season. Yet, there are times when your heating and cooling system develops certain of repair which tend to be overlooked. Signs which should not be ignored as they show that your unit is in need of mending which will prevent unwanted hassles. Here are some of the overlooked indications that you need to schedule HVAC repair.

Excess dust

One of the often overlooked or misinterpreted signs that you need to contact anĀ HVAC contractor and schedule repairs are excess dust. Such dust is often generated by the ducts of the system while it works. The ducts help to channel the air produced by the unit to the rooms of your home. It also helps to capture and hold the dust particles in the air and increase quality. Yet, when these ducts and filters become clogged due to lack of cleaning, your unit can break down.

Yellow pilot light

Another sign that you need to schedule an HVAC repair service, especially if your system has a gas furnace is a yellow pilot light. The pilot light is one of the important indicators that your system is working properly. It shows that your system is using the correct mixture of air and gas to generate heat. Yet, as a result of neglect or certain problems, this light can alter its color from a steady blue to yellow or orange. In such cases, you should turn off the furnace and schedule repairs as soon as possible. As such colors show that your unit is most likely producing dangerous by-products such as carbon monoxide.

There are several often overlooked signs that you need HVAC repairs. These include excess dust because of clogged ducts or filters. And a yellow pilot light which shows that your furnace is not using the right mixture of air and gas. If you would like to learn more about such ignored signs, contact a professional HVAC contractor such as C & H Heating & Air Conditioning Service in Montgomery, AL.


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