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Common Repair Issues Your AC Unit Can Encounter

An Affordable Air Conditioning Service Provides Useful Information

Having a well working AC unit is a great way to keep your property cool during the summer. Yet, there can be times when your unit breaks due to certain problems. While some of these issues can occur at rare times, there are some which happen more often. Problems which can cause inconvenience until the air conditioning repair service removes them. Here are some of the common problems you should look out for.

Lack of refrigerant or frozen evaporator coil

Among the common AC repair issues is lack of refrigerant or a frozen evaporator coil. The refrigerant and evaporator are vital to the proper working of your system.  The refrigerant helps to cool the air which passes through the unit and provide you with comfort during the hot summer. While the evaporator helps to dispel hot air. When there is a lack of refrigerant or the coil freezes your AC unit ceases to work or provide less coolness. Often such problems occur as a result of leaks or lack of proper circulation.

Fuses which have blown

Another common issue which needs the help of an affordable air conditioning service is blown fuses. As with any other appliance which uses electricity to work, your AC unit has safety precautions in the form of fuses and a circuit breaker. These help to prevent house fires and electrocution in the event of a power surge or overload. Such issues can occur as a result of several problems. These include clogged air filters which lead to the system consuming more power to compensate for lower quality. You should also bear in mind that blown fuses can be a sign of larger issues which need professional help.

There are several common repair issues your AC unit can encounter during its service life. These include lack of refrigerant or a frozen evaporator coil. And fuses which have blown due to power surges or overloading. If you notice any of these problems, contact an affordable air conditioning service contractor such as C & H Heating & Air Conditioning Service in Montgomery, AL.



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