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Avoiding Duct Cleaning Sham


Tips from a Reliable HVAC Contractor


With residential areas blooming and numerous commercial buildings constructed every year, HVAC is one of the fastest growing industries to date. In order for your HVAC system to function in full working order, it must have to be cleaned thoroughly. For one, HVAC ducts are hard to clean, especially when you don’t have any idea on what you are doing.Getting the help of an HVAC contractor is a good idea. However, there are some companies that will try to let you put more money on the table. It’s important to be vigilant than to be sorry. To help you, here are some red flags you need to look out for:



Mind-blowing low rates

A reliable HVAC contractor has a price range for duct cleaning which does not go low beyond the retail service fees. Unreliable companies do not really provide quality HVAC cleaning, heating, and cooling service, or they do not deliver their services at all. If you’re brave enough to bite the bait, when unreliable HVAC contractors start cleaning your ducts, they’ll try to either damage your duct so you will resort to their other services or they won’t provide you the quality work that you expect. This is a red flag you shouldn’t ignore. If you’re concerned about the result, it’s better to leave the work to a trusted HVAC contractor.



Complimentary mold inspection

If you’ve been offered that a company will inspect the presence of mold in your ducts, wouldn’t it be conspicuous? This is probably a sham, especially when partnered with a ridiculously low service fee. Once they’ll start the inspection process, they will lure you into a trap and will start offering you additional services such as cooling repair or duct maintenance. Unscrupulous scam artists have their own output ready once you wouldn’t notice, and when the opportunity presents itself, they will get you believing that there are molds present in your ducts.To avoid such, ask for the equipment used for inspection before doing anything.


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