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Your New Favorite Professional HVAC Contractor!

Whether you choose us to install, repair or inspect your heating or air conditioner, you are in for a treat when you discover what we have in store for you as your professional HVAC contractor! C & H Heating & Air Conditioning Service has yet to leave a client disappointed in our work, as we see all our projects through, however tough and challenging they may be! Situated in Montgomery, AL, we are mobile and quickly send our professionals where they are needed!

Why should you choose us?

Properly completed HVAC work requires extensive knowledge of the field and the many models and types of heaters and air conditioners! Being professionals for many years, we have gathered some impressive knowledge of all different types of heaters and air conditioners, and always use which method works best for each individual case, this has allowed us to exponentially grow as a company, and make our name known to many homeowners and businesses in the area alike!

HVAC Contractor

Why trust us?

Trusting to provide you with our top-notch air conditioning installation service & repair work is always a good use of your money, regardless of whether you hire us for an air conditioning installation service or heating repairs! We value each one of our clients, and strive to repay their trust in our company with nothing less than perfect HVAC work! You can be sure, we will never leave you disappointed or your Montgomery, AL project half finished!

Easy and prompt scheduling of our heating & air conditioning installation service & repairs, affordable, fair, and competitive rates, and a quality to meet all needs and exceed many expectations is what you can expect when you hire us for a job! C & H Heating & Air Conditioning Service will exceed when you need HVAC work! To schedule us as your professional HVAC contractor, call us at (334) 264-6535 today!


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